The Most Popular Types of Garden Grass for Home Yards

The Most Popular Types of Garden Grass for Home Yards

Decorating your house is fun, especially if there is empty land behind or in front of your house. Garden grass is a plant that can make your house look and feel more beautiful.

The presence of garden grass can be a refresher for the eyes and also a base for earthing activities that you can do every morning, or it can also be used for a weekend picnic with the family.

To keep it green and beautiful, you need to care for your yard which can be done by watering the grass regularly. If not cared for, the yard will look unkempt and sad.

Next, we will explain some of the best types of garden grass that are suitable for various seasons or climates.

1. Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is very suitable for areas with hot weather or tropical climates, such as Indonesia. When planted in cold areas, Zoysia will turn brown and not grow well.

Even though you have to wait a little longer to grow, when it is fully grown Zoysia grass becomes very strong and doesn’t need to be cut as often as grass in general.

2. Bahia Grass

Just like Zoysia, Bahia grass is also suitable for planting in hot temperature areas. Apart from that, its strong texture means that Bahia grass can be used for strenuous activities such as sports or running around, and is suitable as a place for children to play.

For maintenance, you just need to make sure all parts of the grass are exposed to sufficient direct sunlight and don’t cut it too short.

3. Fescue Grass

Well, now there is a type of grass that is suitable for areas with cold climates. Its straight, flat shape grows upwards, giving you a beautiful view in the morning when the dew drops.

During summer or when it rarely rains, don’t forget to keep watering this grass so it doesn’t wilt.

4. Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass is a type of grass that is also suitable for cold climate areas. However, this type of grass can also tolerate hot weather.

For those of you who live in the Bogor or Bandung area, Perennial Ryegrass is very suitable for planting in your yard. Its strong texture also makes this grass suitable for various activities.

As with other types of cold grass, you have to water this grass frequently so that it doesn’t wilt and die.

5. Kentucky Bluegrass

This flat grass with sharp edges is suitable for planting in cold climates. In hot weather, this grass will not survive.

If it’s summer or the weather is a little hot, you have to diligently water it with lots of water to maintain humidity.

6. St. John’s Grass Augustine

St. Patrick’s Grass Augustine is the type of grass most often found in people’s yards.

This is because this grass is easy to plant for beginners who just want to learn to plant without difficult maintenance, and when it grows perfectly it will look very beautiful according to

7. Bermuda grass

Included in the grass that can grow well in warm areas tend to be hot, bermuda grass is a suitable plant to plant in your yard.

The typical color of Bermuda grass is dark green which will look very beautiful when exposed to sunlight.

If the temperature in the area where you live tends to drop drastically at night, don’t plant Bermuda grass. This grass can only live in areas with hot to very hot temperatures.


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